From September 2014, the English national curriculum required computing to be taught in schools to children from the age of five until 16. This replaced the ICT syllabus and was intended to introduce children to computational thinking from an early age. – Computer Weekly

While it’s great that programming is finally being taught consistently in schools, in many cases there has been inadequate preparation and training and ┬áteachers are having to deliver lessons while only being one step ahead of their students. Even when the teacher really knows the subject, programming is one of those subjects, like maths, where it’s easy to fall behind and never catch up if a student is not given the input they need at every step of their learning journey. While of course children should make every effort to think for themselves and use the input that they are given to the maximum advantage, it’s no easy task to keep up in a large class and sometimes the instructions and explanations given by the teacher end up sounding like mumbo-jumbo even to the most able children.

This is why private tuition can be so incredibly valuable. It gives students the chance to really understand what is being taught and to find out for themselves whether then they actually have an interest in the subject that they may wish to take further.

DISCLAIMER: Programming is fun! Really! IF you have the kind of mind that enjoys solving puzzles and inventing creative solutions to problems and thinking about logic and numbers. If this is not you, then you probably shouldn’t take Computer Science GCSE as an option!! Computer Science is a science like any other and requires mental discipline and rigour as as well as strong curiosity.

There are other courses such as creative media that will allow you to spend lots of time doing fun things with computers without having to do things which don’t interest you such understanding and designing algorithms.

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