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Python Turtle for Computer ScienceMaths and Computer Science are often taught very separately, and yet they make excellent companions. Writing a program to explore a topic from maths can really help to understand the topic deeply as well as providing a great opportunity to practice your coding skills.

Here’s a challenge: use the Python Turtle Module as described here, to draw a sector of a circle given a radius and an angle. The result should look something like this:

Online Python lessons - circle sector

Here’s some skeleton code to get you started:

# Program to draw Sector of a Circle

import turtle

# Set up Turtle and window
turtle.setup(500,500)      # Determine the window size
wn = turtle.Screen()       # Get a reference to the window
wn.title("Circle Sectors") # Change the window title
wn.bgcolor("lightgreen")   # Set the background color
Crush = turtle.Turtle()    # Create our favorite turtle

def draw_sector(angle, radius, t):
    # your code here

# Try out the function, giving an angle, a radius and the name of your turtle 
draw_sector(40, 100, Crush)
# Allow click to exit

Enjoy, and I’ll post a solution in a few days.

 Python Circle Sector Challenge