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Online Maths Tuition

I’ve now started giving online maths lessons via Skype. This is an excellent way for students around the world to get close individual attention while they learn and prepare for Maths GCSE and other exams. I have a webcam pointing

Place Value

People often take the amazingness of mathematics for granted and forget that it is the most powerful technology ever invented by man. One huge leap that happened about 3,000 years ago was the invention of the place value system. Prior


Looking for fun challenges to sharpen your Python coding skills? Codewars is the site for you! Sometimes it’s hard to know what to work on, even though you really want to do some coding. Codewars provides a structured way to

Exam Season!

Hi there folks. Exam time is coming and now is a very good time to consider giving your child an extra boost with one-to-one tuition. If you live in or around Buckfastliegh, Totnes, South Brent, Ashburton or Newton Abbot, why

Arranging things

Sometimes we want to know how many ways there are to arrange a collection of objects. Suppose we use the three letters a,b and c as our objects. The possible ways of arranging them are as follows: a,b,c a,c,b b,a,c