Why tutoring?

From building a solid foundation for those who struggle, to inspiring and challenging the most able students, one-to-one lessons can make a huge difference in levels of achievement and enjoyment in Maths and Computer Science.

The sad fact is that with class sizes often above 30 children, it’s often impossible for a teacher, however skilled and devoted, to give each child the individual attention they need to fulfill their potential. Once a child falls behind, even just a little, it can be very hard to catch up, because new material is taught on top of a foundation with “gaps” in it.

One of my main tasks as a tutor is to identify and fill in the gaps in a student’s knowledge so that what comes next is much more easily absorbed. After that, students often find that the subject actually becomes enjoyable, or at least bearable, as they can now understand what is happening to a much greater extent. My task then is to build on this new confidence and motivation to coach my pupils to achieve what they are capable of.

I pride myself on having good rapport with all my students. I treat them with respect and am able to “meet them where they are at,” both as people and in their individual learning process. It is this highly personalised approach which I believe is the key to my pupils’ success.

About me

I have been teaching maths since 2006 when I graduated from The College of St Mark and St John with a B Ed (hons) degree – Mathematics and ICT.

Since then I’ve specialised in one-to-one and small group teaching. As well as being a self-employed home and on-line tutor, I have worked at KEVICC in Totnes and Starcross Primary School on the One-to-One Programme. I have also been a classroom teacher at The Small School in Hartland, North Devon,  On-Track Education services in Totnes and Totnes Progressive School, working with children with emotional and behavioural problems.

I currently teach Maths and Computer Science to children from key stages 2-5, as well as adult learners.